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The World's Broken Link Fixer

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BYE BYE 404 is the web application that detects and fixes broken links.

Web content curators face the challenge to keep up hyperlink integrity (links, for short). According to scientific studies, link half-life is 2 years. In other words, 50% of your external links will be dead after 2 years. Therefore, fixing broken links is a regular task managers must take into account to present high content quality.

BYE BYE 404 monitors your website to detect broken links. It scans every page, look for broken links and recommend a solution. In this way, you will cut the maintaining time and produce consistent fixes for your links.

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Simplicity and productivity

In a fully responsive design, you will be able to check the link integrity in your websites. No matter how many websites or pages you have, BYE BYE 404 will work for you. Asynchronous tasks will crawl you website looking for new content and query the status of the links.

You can start now. Sign in, add your website and wait for the broken link report. In addition, you will get the recommendation to fix your broken links consistently.

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